November 19, 2013

Twitter Tuesday

This week's list includes: Evan Welcher, ThaKiddJopp, Nick Batzig, Mark Dever, Erik Raymond, and Jon Tyson.

 Evan Welcher(@EvanWelcher)They say you’d be healed if only you were asking God in the right way: Convenient: they're selling a book to teach you. #SermonNotes

 ThaKiddJopp(@ThaKiddJopp)Your relationship with Jesus should be a everyday thing, not just a weekend fling.

Nick Batzig(@Nick_Batzig)You can overdo nearly anything in life; but you can never worship, love, bear witness to, speak of, sing to or call upon Christ too much.

 Mark Dever(@MarkDever)"Shall man be proud after God has been humble?" (Richard Sibbes, Bruised Reed, p. 27)

 Erik Raymond(@erikraymond)The (successful) finished work of Christ means that he has accomplished something that cannot be done by anyone else. Even us.

 Jon Tyson(@JonTyson)Dear church planter. 


"Disciples Disciples Disciples"


"Locations, Campuses, Sites"

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