July 24, 2011

A note from the trenches

Dear Readers,
Is there peace to be found in the midst of a busy time when it seems, as it were, that God sets you aside?  When you have precious little energy to devote to focused study & prayer and even less time, does the light go out?  Has God forgotten you?

I remain convinced that God is faithful.  His grace and mercy never run dry.  While the desert might seem harsh, He guides you there for a purpose.  Challenges and failures are tools in the Master's hand, molding you as He sees fit, purposefully and with great care.

July 16, 2011

Eaten alive

My job is consuming my life again.  I regret not being able to write but don't even have time to read.  I should be able to return to semi-regular posting at the beginning of 2012.