November 16, 2013

True Evangelical Fellowship of Calvinists and Arminians

What think you, readers? Is Machen's view correct for his time, timeless, or flat out wrong?

"Another difference of opinion is that between the Calvinistic or Reformed theology and the Arminianism which appears in the Methodist Church. It is difficult to see how any one who has really studied the question can regard that difference as an unimportant matter. On the contrary, it touches very closely some of the profoundest things of the Christian faith. A Calvinist is constrained to regard the Arminian theology as a serious impoverishment of the Scripture doctrine of divine grace, and equally serious is the view which the Arminian must hold as to the doctrine of the Reformed Churches. Yet here again, true evangelical fellowship is possible between those who hold, with regard to some exceedingly important matters, sharply opposing views."

  -- J. Gresham Machen,  Christianity and Liberalism (pp. 51-52).

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