November 12, 2013

Twitter Tuesday

Select highlights from Twitter. This week: Kevin DeYoung, Jared Wilson, Colten Barnaby, and Tabletalk.

 Kevin DeYoung(@RevKevDeYoung)If your favorite Christian blogger/writer/speaker never talks about the cursed Christ on a bloody cross, find a new favorite.

 jaredcwilson(@jaredcwilson)Every day we are busy building our own Babel Towers, but in prayer we set the bricks and trowels down, trusting God to knock the towers over

 Coltenbarnaby(@Coltenbarnaby)You don't have to be outraged all the time.

 Tabletalk Magazine(@Tabletalk)I have often repented of speech but hardly ever of silence (C.S. Lewis).

 Mitchell Chase(@mitchellchase)"You cannot serve God and money" - Jesus.

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