April 30, 2011

A Saturday Morning Well Spent

I had the blessing of spending a few hours this morning eating and hanging out with my pastor, Kevin Miller, and my friend, Aaron Rice. Both are much younger than I and their energy is contagious, so it's always a 'pick me up' to hang with them. We had a sort of theological jam session with pancakes and orange juice thrown on top. As we sat in my very condensed library and discussed theologians, books, and other sundries, I was reminded of my deep indebtedness to the late Leon Morris. Dr. Morris has helped shape me indirectly through his writings for many years. Although I never met him in person I do miss him and regret that his pen has been silenced.

After a hearty breakfast and some meaty discussion, we made a quick trip to the local Christian book store. I was pleasantly surprised to find a single copy of Tim Challies new book, The Next Story. I picked it up and started reading it today. I have finished part 1. I enjoy Tim's writing and plan on sticking closely to the book for a few more days to finish reading it. I recognize much of myself in what he writes. I think we're relatively close in age (within a decade), so Tim writes of digital transition points that echo my own experience. He raises questions that most of us need to ask but rarely take the time to. Get the book, read it, and ponder what he proposes.

I thank the Lord for the blessing of these brothers and my home church. He has dealt richly with me, from the depth of His grace.

April 24, 2011

Amazing Grace

I must confess this is my favorite hymn of all time. This version is interesting and well done.

Amazing Grace

Words of Wisdom

'By faith we embrace Jesus Christ, and are so united with Him, that we are in Him and He in us. As He was pleased to take upon Himself all our miseries and make them His own, so by faith, He is made ours; His obedience is ours, His innocence, His righteousness, His satisfaction, His holiness, nay all that He hath is ours.'

April 13, 2011

April 10, 2011


Hello dear readers. A handful of thoughts tonight.

  • I'm currently reading through some of John Murray's shorter articles. I like Murray. The portrait on the dust cover presents a sober visage. I am sure many students beaded up under his... oversight. :-) One thing that truly encourages me as I read Murray is his admitted debt to the work of B. B. Warfield in the area of inspiration. It is strengthening to see someone of Murray's spiritual and intellectual stature reaping the benefits of another's work.

  • It's good to see several conservative theologians taking on Rob Bell's book. I'm sure it will prove to be short-lived, but then again Bell has a committed audience and has already been around for several years with controversy swirling at various times. Nevertheless, I hope the current focused controversy on universalism (and lesser-so Bell's attack on substitutionary atonement) will be used to deliver helpful responses for the church at large.

  • The Lord has been rich in mercy towards me, allowing me to serve my local church in several ways over the years. It has been a joy and continues to be a high-point in my life - both the preparation time and teaching/mentoring opportunities. While I enjoy online ministry, witnessing, and apologetics; it is in the life flow of the church and direct, personal ministry and friendship that brings the most joy and the better harvest. In my mind's eye, I hope to have time to research and write in the coming years - God willing. But if it is not to be, I rest in my Savior's mercies and will walk with my family and church family, resting in Jesus.

  • I started reading Tom Schreiner's book on the apostle Paul over a year ago. In the last three years, I have tried to take to heart the advice of several prolific readers to not get bogged down in footnotes and references on the first read of a book. I was enjoying Schreiner's work but then mis-stepped and fell into the morass of footnotes and references. It killed my reading of the book, or, I should say, it was at least partially the cause ... my job also has seriously impacted everything I've been able to do for the last 8 months. I don't know what your reading habits are, but if you're struggling to stay connected with a good work, read the main text and keep moving.

  • My pastor started a new men's Bible study recently. We are walking through one chapter of Ephesians every two weeks. I'm really enjoying the study and getting to know the men better. We have a dozen men ranging from 18-60+ years. Much to be learned from these brothers.

  • Prayer. Yes, prayer. Many thanks my church for holding up my family in prayer.

It is back to work tomorrow, so will be a few days before I can write again. It feels like my job is starting to return to something more 'normal'. Hoping the trend continues.