March 13, 2012

Good on you, Dan

I read some great news from author/blogger Dan Philips this week.  He's now Pastor Philips!  I know this has been a desire of his for many years. Dan has a great blog, Biblical Christianity and is a key part of the world famous Pyromaniacs team blog.

To follow the news, here are his two posts:
He has begun shepherding the flock at Copperfield Bible Church in Houston, Texas, with the installation ceremony to be held this coming Sunday.  They publish sermons actively on Dan has a couple sermons already on record, which I am planning on listening to this week.

I'm eager to recommend Dan's ministry in its various forms (blog, books, preaching, shepherding) because he has a proven track record in my own life. While blogs abound and many worthy ministries exist, Dan's writing has reverberated in my life for several years. I am thankful for the counsel and wisdom he has been able to provide and look forward with anticipation to a consistent preaching ministry. While I can't say that we're buddies, there is one thing I know for certain about him. Dan loves the gospel of the Triune God.

May God be glorified, magnified, exalted, and treasured by the dear souls of Copperfield Bible Church and all those reached through their faithful ministry in the coming years.
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