March 16, 2012

It's Clobberin Time... or is it?

James White has been a 'net friend of mine for many years. I was able to meet him in person last year when he returned to his homeland of Minnesota for a small conference. He's a great apologist and has the reputation of a pit bull on Energizer batteries when it comes to theological debates.  Many of us tentmaker apologists look up to James as a model for our apologetic approach.  He' a real scrapper - a sort of Christian Apologist version of the Fantastic Four's Ben Grimm.

For those of us who like a good theology throw-down, we run to I Peter 3:15 and latch onto the 'apologia' section of that verse like an electro-magnet. In the linked video here, James re-examines this key text and places the emphasis where it truly is in the text... "in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy,...". It is wise counsel for all of us, both those apologetically-bent (meaning those bent towards apologetics) and the unapologetic (meaning those not having a clue what apologetics is). Each of us does have a common ground - our dear Lord and Messiah.

Give James a listen. It will cost 38 minutes of your life, and will be time well-invested.

Set Apart Christ as Lord In Your Hearts - James White

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