July 8, 2013

The Hard Work of Preaching

I am currently reading the book Saving Eutychus by Gary Millar and Phil Campbell. It is a convicting,  encouraging,  and wise book. In describing their approach to preaching, expository preaching to be specific, they  make the following statement.

"Preaching like this is hard work. And, in one sense, it doesn't get any easier  the longer you're at it. That's why all of us need to develop a culture of llifelong learning. If we are going to take teaching the Bible seriously, then we will need to work at it constantly, developing our ability to understand, and teach, and apply, the Scriptures. Uncaging the lion involves rather a lot of hard work."  --p38-39.

As you can see, the demands on the preacher to understand the Bible and to communicate it clearly are rigorous. To hold a high-view of Scripture and God's design for it to change and shape people demands this kind of commitment by the preacher. I believe this holds true as well for teachers in the church, no matter the age-group being taught. Millar and Campbell have hit on a very important truth...  to continue growing in our ability to carefully handle God's Word, we must continue learning - to the point where it becomes a habitual, intentional, lifelong learning effort.

There is much to commend in Saving Eutychus. I will try to post a review when I finish the book. I do recommend it very highly to pastors and Bible teachers in the church.

In the vein of preaching, this post by Omaha pastor Erik Raymond delivers simple, practical insights you can put to use immediately in your preaching and teaching.

There you have it... a combined approach to improve your Bible preaching and teaching: lifelong learning and simple, practical insights you can put to use immediately.

May God be glorified in our preaching and teaching.
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