April 1, 2013

Written On a Tablet of Silicon

I made the decision last week to purchase a tablet computer. After consulting my resident 16-year-old hacker, I settled on a brand and model based on his compelling reasons. I supplemented the tablet with a compact bluetooth keyboard, wondering if the combination would enable me to write more actively than my obviously reluctant authorship.  I think it has. I was able to convert several years of notes into draft posts for the blog, giving a body to ideas so far only captured in germ form. And here I am, authoring this update as well on the same tablet.

Life remains very busy, with several commitments at my home church, including: a 12-week introduction to New Testament Greek (halfway through as I speak...   er.... write), co-teaching our mid-week youth group, teaching adult Sunday School (current series is a foray into biblical theology based on Walter Kaiser's Messiah in the Old Testament), and a devotional study with my pastor on Bruce Ware's book of theological reflections on the humanity of Christ. I can think of few times in my life when I was this busy. Of course, there are the usual commitments to spouse, children, and parents that are such a great joy to serve. All that said, I am very thankful to the Lord for my health and well-being and these many opportunities to impact others for King Jesus.

As time passes we will all be able to see if this technology truly is revolutionary for my writing... or not.  The proof will be in the posting.  Here's hoping to seeing you much more frequently in the coming weeks.

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