April 8, 2013

Deo Volente, New Features Coming Soon

Dear friends,

God willing, you will be seeing video blog entries beginning later this month. I have been blessed with an opportunity to get some new {to me} technology that gives me the ability to begin vlogging. Yes, I know. People have been doing that for years, so this isn't innovative by any stretch of the imagination.

Nevertheless, I am pretty excited about the possibilities, and feel more energized and eager about this than I expected. It has come about primarily through my home church, First Evangelical Free Church. The dear brothers and sisters there are so encouraging to me, both as friends on a personal level and corporately as a body of believers who consistently affirm my ministry among them as a lay-minister, teacher, theologian, and sometime elder in their service.

So I am pretty stoked about the ministry opportunities, and pray that, Deo Volente (God willing), I will be faithful in proclaiming the glory and grace of our Triune God.

Soli Deo Gloria

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