June 23, 2011

Challenging, Helpful, Insightful, and Life-Changing

I just finished reading Tim Challies' book The Next Story. I believe this book will have a huge impact, not so much for any final analysis that Tim provides, but rather because he has started the discussion with very insightful and penetrating questions. Over the next few years, I believe the seeds he plants with this book will grow and bear fruit in the writings of many. In a nutshell, Christian lives will be changed for the better through a ripple effect springing from the ideas the author presents in these 200 pages.

How well will we live the Christian life in the 21st century? However we choose to do it, technology will undoubtedly play a large role. The Next Story will help you see behind the curtain and will coax, if not literally force, you to examine your use of digital tools (and their use of you).

I am 45 years old and do not simply recognize many of the shifts that Tim writes about. No, not simple recognition... it is a resonance that runs through my mind and is working its way out through my actions. I am not a little ashamed of my unquestioning embrace of things digital, which has been accompanied by innumerable failures and shifts in perception on my part. This is an eye-opening work. It almost makes me feel like Saul when the scales fell from his eyes and he could see again.

My heart-felt advice and urging for you - read The Next Story.
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