April 30, 2011

A Saturday Morning Well Spent

I had the blessing of spending a few hours this morning eating and hanging out with my pastor, Kevin Miller, and my friend, Aaron Rice. Both are much younger than I and their energy is contagious, so it's always a 'pick me up' to hang with them. We had a sort of theological jam session with pancakes and orange juice thrown on top. As we sat in my very condensed library and discussed theologians, books, and other sundries, I was reminded of my deep indebtedness to the late Leon Morris. Dr. Morris has helped shape me indirectly through his writings for many years. Although I never met him in person I do miss him and regret that his pen has been silenced.

After a hearty breakfast and some meaty discussion, we made a quick trip to the local Christian book store. I was pleasantly surprised to find a single copy of Tim Challies new book, The Next Story. I picked it up and started reading it today. I have finished part 1. I enjoy Tim's writing and plan on sticking closely to the book for a few more days to finish reading it. I recognize much of myself in what he writes. I think we're relatively close in age (within a decade), so Tim writes of digital transition points that echo my own experience. He raises questions that most of us need to ask but rarely take the time to. Get the book, read it, and ponder what he proposes.

I thank the Lord for the blessing of these brothers and my home church. He has dealt richly with me, from the depth of His grace.

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