March 6, 2011

Lowly Approach Heaven's Gates In Your Steps Today

Pastor Charles Spurgeon gives us food for thought. No. More than food. He is crying clearly, "FIRE! FIRE! GET OUT TO SAFETY!" as he rightly should, being faithful to the inspired text. His words, though spoken long ago, ring in my ears with an urgency that is very unlike the soothing mews mumbled by some so-called preachers today. There is a cutting edge to the message of the Gospel. Jesus came to save us from his very own judgment, and when that day comes he will give no quarter, no mercy, no kindness. He will not blink at sin nor wink at unbelief. Righteousness shall rule in judgment. Be ready, reader. Be ready at the foot of the cross.

There comes a fire! Get out! Get out to safety in Jesus!
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