February 26, 2011

Your Affections and Heart, Christian

"Pass through this world, believers in Jesus, liking nothing in it, caring for nothing in it, content and satisfied with nothing it can give, moved with nothing in it; neither much taken up with the much evil, or the little good of it; neither cast down with the frowns, nor lifted up with the smiles of this vain deceitful world. Pass on, and press forward for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, Phil. iii. 14. You have greater things to look to, greater things to fix your hearts and hopes upon, than all this world; even to that blessed state, when we shall be with Christ where he is, and shall behold his glory which his Father hath given him: for the Father loved his Son and our Saviour before the foundation of the world."
-- Robert Traill, excerpt from Sixteen Sermons
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