October 12, 2013

Kaiser On A Roll

I recently found a very helpful, inspiring book on deep discount at CBD.  Walter Kaiser's The Majesty of God in the Old Testament is available for a short time at $5.99 as 'slightly imperfect'. I have not figured out what flaws exist with the copy I received. Nothing on the cover, spine, or binding that I can discern.

Anyway, once I received the book I started to look through it. Kaiser grabbed my attention in the introduction with his infectious energy for exalting the greatness and majesty of God from numerous biblical passages. Those familiar with the YRR movement and its literature will find a familiar tune of intentional pursuit of the glory of God in Kaiser's reflections. Not only does he stir up high thoughts of our great God, but he also lays out a practical framework to pursue preaching and teaching from ten specific passages which could be applied to numerous others. In other words, Kaiser not only paints a magnificent biblical portrait of God's majesty, he provides you with brushes, tints, a pallet, and a theological artist's eye to help you teach your people about our glorious God.

Kaiser also gives a brief reflection on and response to the Christocentric preaching model emphasized most prominently by Bryan Chapell. If you have never read Kaiser, here's a solid and stirring work of deep theology that would benefit both you and those who hear you preach and teach concerning the majesty of our great God and Savior.

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