February 2, 2013

The Evangelical Mind, Heart, and Mouth

Winds of change are blowing across America. Yesterday we might have been able to convince one another in the evangelical subculture that biblical convictions informed, influenced, and intersected with much of American cultural conviction. Today, the picture is changing rapidly. Evangelical convictions concerning societal norms are being crushed, pushed from the public square by the steamroller of "progress", specifically under the guise of accused bigotry from the highest levels of national public life down to state and local dialogues.

Yes, I do fear that our 'niceness' has possibly broken our spines and snuffed out our willingness to live as lights in a dark world. I am no alarmist shouting for the evangelical bunker-builders to set up shop in my back yard. I do think we need to take courage from our Lord, from the Scriptures, and from one another as we consider how best to maintain our fidelity to biblical conviction in and through our active obedience to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

To spur our awareness and stimulate our response, please take the time to read Dr. Owen Strachan's open letter to evangelicals. He writes, "Do you realize that if you define marriage as the exclusive union of a man and a woman, you are already, even if you speak in the gentlest, softest, most nuanced, most hyper-qualified terms, considered a bigot by a vocal and highly influential contingent today?"

Read what Dr. Strachan has written here.
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