April 8, 2012

Thoughts on E-Reading

I have about six months with my Kindle at this point. Like anything, there is good and bad. I planned to use it primarily for light reading but have been lured in by super-low prices on a few academic titles. I thought it would be worth giving it a try with the longer works, to see how well it worked. So I purchased a few of them (usually $30 and upwards harcovers in print but $8 or less on Kindle). The longer books are proving to be a real challenge, even after adopting Douglas Wison's advice to read like someone who can afford to forget.

I am noticeably struggling with remembering what I have read. I consider myself a spatial learner.  I have always connected details about a page in my memory which has helped me recall it later (even if only a vague wisp of a memory). At least I realize now that I'm not alone in my learning/memory style, after reading the article do e-books impair memory? I think the development of e-readers will continue and will begin to tap into landmarks that will function similar to printed works.

Is it truly surprising that a technology (printing/publishing) which has been refined for hundreds of years has a few important things figured out that a fledgling technology has overlooked right out of the gate? Not really surprising at all. Even so, I would encourage you to consider an e-reader.  Here are some thoughts to consider.

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