November 24, 2011

A couple of thoughts on reading and writing

I'm a reader. I've written a few things. Over the years, there have been discouragements to both found in the oddest of places. Urban legends surrounding evangelical super-heroes kill my desire to read and write.  How so? Al Mohler has the library of Congress in his study, has memorized every book, and can reason and quote freely from any chosen discipline. I can't remember where I left my car keys. James White can write 15-page single-spaced replies to anonymous emails he receives in about 15 seconds.  It takes me four months to compose a 15 word post.  Jonathan Edwards is such a passionate writer who, even though he has been dead for a very long time, is still writing books today. I'm still breathing and struggle to communicate conviction to my closest friends,let alone getting it down clearly in black and white. D.A. Carson absorbs entire books in 2 page snippets read in the 'downtime' between each breath. I read and re-read a single page of Carson in the space of a day and still can't understand what he's saying.

If you're still standing on the plain looking up longingly at the heights of the evangelical Kilimanjaro, don't give up.  It is heartening to see reflections in the evangelical community that, shall we say, lighten the load a little for us mere mental midgets.

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