August 7, 2009

Just Read This

I just finished reading Kevin DeYoung's book on discerning God's will called Just Do Something. This is a delightful little book. Thank you Kevin for saying several things that needed to be said. Many people will be helped by your wise advice.

DeYoung takes on the over-spiritualized process of making decisions. In essence, God gave you a brain so use it. Don't be lazy and blame God for your inactivity as if it were deep spirituality.

The author insightfully diagnoses several contributing factors of our hesitancy to do things. He offers common-sense advice to move you to action. This is written so everyone can understand it. Once you read this, the excuses you're hiding behind will be vaporized.

It is primarily helpful for teens and young adults but also gave me some good insights into my mid-forties life that will impact what I do.

Just get it. Just read it. And for God's sake, just do something.
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